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Everybody is Somebody

Everybody deserves the right to belong to a welcoming community, no matter what their situation in life is. You never know what someone is going through. People are also at different levels in their relationship with God and it is important not to isolate or ostracize someone who may not be as spiritually mature as others.

People join a church community searching for hope and a family-like atmosphere of belonging. And all of us have a part in helping others connect and feel welcomed.

Here are 3 things each of us can do to accomplish that goal:

  1. Embrace and accept people where they’re at and as they are.

  2. Allow people to participate in activities and have opinions as valued members of our church community.

  3. Provide resources and helps for people at different ages and stages.

At Kingdom Apostolic Ministries, we believe everybody is somebody and we want everyone to feel like they belong. We want people to feel accepted and embraced. We want to provide resources and help people connect to other people to find their community. And we each have our part in that because We Are Kingdom.

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