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Quick Reference Funeral Guide

When a Death Occurs

Death is a painful and challenging experience for anyone. When a death occurs within the KAM family, the funeral care team will help ease the burden and assist your family through the process. Funeral services held at KAM are in keeping with the church’s Christian standards and beliefs. The service is considered an act of worship that glorifies God, celebrates the deceased, comforts the family, and affirms eternal life through Jesus Christ.


Funerals for Members

There is no cost to a member or their spouse, parent, or child, to have a funeral at KAM. Please note that KAM does not pay for any cost if the service is held at a funeral home or other venue where there is a charge, and cannot provide financial assistance for burial and related expenses.


If your loved one was a KAM member and you plan to use a KAM building for their funeral, contact the church funeral coordinator by phone at your earliest convenience.




In general, the KAM buildings are not available for non-member funerals. However, when exceptions are made, building fees apply and must be paid in full no later than three days before the funeral date. The following rates apply:


Detroit Campus

Sanctuary seating capacity - 1,250

Cost - $1,000


Indianapolis Campus

Main sanctuary seating capacity - 1,600

Cost - $1,400.00

Indianapolis Campus

Mason Sanctuary seating capacity - 450

Cost - $800.00

Two hundred dollars ($200.00) from the total fees listed above will be returned to the family if no damage to the building is sustained during the funeral.


If your loved one was a non-member and you want to request the use of a KAM

building for their funeral, click on the Funeral Request Form below:

(Request does not guarantee approval)

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